About Me

Egypt and I have a long standing history.

In the summer of 2012, I decided the best way for me to get to Cairo (so I could learn Arabic and eventually get a job in international development) was to teach English. It pays (sometimes well) and gets me where I need to be.

My name is Catherine Litten. I am a twenty-something girl from California, who went to school at American University in Washington, DC. I graduated in December, 2011 magna cum laude with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Communications. I studied abroad in Morocco in spring 2011, but not before spending 12 days in Cairo, where I had planned to study, during the January 25 revolution. I fell in love with the city of a thousand minarets and knew I would one day return.

As anyone who has lived in Egypt will tell you, “You don’t move to Cairo because it’s easy.” Everything in this city is more difficult, more complicated, more chaotic. But if you wanted easy, you would have known better to begin with.

I’m a girl who finds willful ignorance frustrating, arrogance infuriating and chocolate not that tasty.  I love to know more and love to show people how little we know and how exciting it is that we can do something about it. You cannot change where you were born or the size of your brain, but you can certainly change the knowledge within it. That thought is what pushes me to take leaps and revel in the unknown before and beneath me.


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