Although you wouldn’t know it walking the streets of Cairo.

For most of this country (including the 10% of the population that is Coptic Christian – they celebrate Christmas January 7), today is just another Tuesday. In the expat areas around town, you can find people taking part in holiday cheer, I’m sure.

I don’t live in those parts of town, so today is just another day for everyone around me.

Thankfully, I am spending tonight and tomorrow with Melissa’s family for some holiday cheer. Which I desperately need.

Being abroad (just not being home, really) for the holidays is difficult. More difficult than my emotions would have imagined. My friends are few here (and most of them went home for the holidays) and my family is obviously non-existent here. But I know I am not the only person abroad when the holidays come around.

Thousands of people around the world are in the same boat as me. Some are missing Christmas, some missed Hanukkah, some missed Eid – people everywhere miss the holidays that bring family and friends together, regardless of what religion they follow or what culture they are a part of that makes celebrating certain holidays integral.

Even though I feel very alone, I know I’m not alone in this feeling. It is oddly nice to be comforted by this shared sense of longing around the world. Kinda depressing, but nice. Besides, I know I am loved by my friends and family, even if we couldn’t all be together this year. Such is the life I chose!


Merry Christmas, everyone! (Or Season’s Greetings if you prefer!) 

But more importantly,


(That’s right my dad was born Christmas Day.)


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One response to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD

  1. Sarah Peters

    Miss you! Love and hugs.

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