In Such a Short Time

When I last updated, I was about to begin my job in a nursery.

Since then, I started the job and as of yesterday quit the job. Without going into too much detail, working in a nursery is not for me. Particularly when the pay is bad, the commute is long, and the owner/Egyptian staff are incredibly unpleasant. I came to Egypt to make a life I want to live. I don’t want to waste time in a place that consistently makes me miserable.

However, it means I’m currently unemployed (still). I am looking for jobs again, and hoping something better turns up. If not, I will soon begin working on building a tutoring schedule, where I teach students one-on-one (depending on how you work it, you can make just as much or more than an average English teacher here). I say I’m not too worried, but of course I am. No work = no money = homeward bound.

In other events:

  • Melissa and I had a Halloween sleepover where we ate candy, made the worst Rice Krispie Treats ever (Egypt’s fault not ours), and watched movies.
  • A random crazy woman punched me in the head on my walk home one day.
  • A random guy masturbated in front of me and I smacked him in the back of head.
  • I dropped my keys down an elevator shaft and retrieved them with a fishing pole.
  • My roommate and I have rearranged our flat, getting rid of furniture (putting it in storage), getting rid of random junk (why the hell was there a bag of concrete in our apartment) and are soon planning on having it painted.
  • I have a cold (caused by working in the nursery I’m sure) which has led to a persistent hacking cough.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to Alexandria for the night with a few friends. I’m excited to get out of Cairo – I haven’t left the city since I’ve been here.
  • The 12th marked my two month anniversary of being in Cairo.
  • The 8th marked my parents’ 26th anniversary (love you both).

And that about does it. I could have done more detail, but hey, when you haven’t posted in a few weeks and your internet is slow as molasses anyway, sparse is better.


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