The Crocodiles and Cooking

The crocodiles are still here. Not as bad, but still here.

But as I told Sydney, “I’m just trying to ignore it. If I ignore it, it gets tired and wants to leave me alone and goes away.” This is probably not an actual thing.

However, I did bleach my vegetables today. “Bleached your vegetables?!?” you say. Yes. Dilute a small amount of bleach (teaspoon-tablespoon. Eyeball.) in a gallon of water and soak your vegetables in it. Should get rid of a number of icky things that are a part of life here. Then I made zaalouk and loubia, two cooked salad dishes from Morocco.

And now I wished I hadn’t. My poor stomach wasn’t ready to take on real food :(.

But I’ll soon be going to bed.

Oh, and last night was the last night for the cats being here. I did not know this, so did not give them a proper goodbye. But they did get to sleep with me on the bed for most of the night. That was my goodbye.

Oh, and we’ve a new roommate, since Alex (the one with the cats) is moving to England in a week. His name’s Mateo. He’s also Italian. No idea how long he is staying. Honestly I’m in a state of constant not knowing so many things. It’s kinda liberating.

That is all, truly going to bed now.


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