Idle Hands are Not for Me

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. Life has been busy! Which is good – it would be quite sad and lonely if it weren’t.

I have only ONE WEEK left of CELTA! It is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Hooray that I’ll soon be completing one goal, omgwhatamIdoing that I will very soon have to find a job and become a real person. During week two I got my first above standard in one of my teaching practices. When you do a TP, you get a grade of below, standard, or above. I’ve only gotten to standard…except for that one above standard. Inshallah إن شاء الله (God willing – a very common phrase here), I can add one or two more to that group next week so it isn’t so lonely.

This weekend (so really today, since once again, Friday and Saturday are the weekends here) I have tons of assignments to do. And I am sick again. With the Nile crocodiles. Which is unfortunate, since I had lots of plans with friends to go out to dinner, go to a market, go visit some mosques…but good I guess since the only thing to do then is to work on these assignments. But I am worried about getting stomach-sick again. Really, it should only happen once, kind of like an inoculation:  your stomach and digestive system get introduced to the various bacteria and microbes here, fight it out, your stomach wins, and you don’t have to worry again. But maybe my stomach didn’t win that first round? What if it will never win any round? Because that points to something wrong with my immune system. Not a pleasant thought. But I will just take it one step at a time.

And start sterilizing my fruits and veggies with bleach (it’s a real thing calm down I’m not going to ingest bleach).

One night this past week (nope, don’t remember which), I met up with a new friend and her friend, Lesley and Ramy, to go to a Polish film. It was being shown in someone’s flat, which doubles as a film venue. Ah, Cairo. However, something was wrong with the computer hook-up to the projector, so after waiting for 45 minutes, we left, when to a cafe instead and had some juice and sandwiches.

Then Thursday night, Ramy (Ramy is Egyptian and is a neighbor of mine, he lives just down the street from me) picked me up from the BC so we could go to a film festival (the Shnit International Film Festival, actually) at an AMAZING cultural venue called Darb 1718.  Sorry I don’t have pictures of anything…I honestly don’t carry my camera around with me. I worry if I do all the time, psychologically my brain will treat being in Egypt as just a lark, a vacation – and it’s not. Anyway, so Ramy (and his friend Samir) got us lost. Multiple times. But we eventually got to Darb, which is a haven of calm between Old Cairo and Coptic Cairo. The films were being shown outsideOn the grass. With big bean bags for seats. It was fantastic! Lesley came late, with her husband, but that was alright – Ramy and Samir had to leave shortly after they arrived.

The films, by and large, were great. Some were quite odd, but some were just beautiful. Some were dark, some were funny, some were bittersweet. It was a good mix, and quite enjoyable. 15 films in an excellent venue for 30 LE (that’s $5!). A great night.

That’s all the updates I have. Me, myself, the Nile crocodiles and I have a date with these assignments.


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