CELTA: Part 1 of 4 Complete + Photos of My Flat!

Hooray, hoorah, hip hip and such.

Yesterday I completed my first week of CELTA! Only 3 more weeks to go! And then (and maybe before) I must find a job. It’s a bit terrifying. I’m in a country where I speak the language only a little, training to do a job that I only hope I am good at, with the intention of being hired so I can learn the language. It seems my entire life revolves around languages at this point.

If I could have any superpower, it would be the gift of gab: speak and understand any language. I’d be the ultimate diplomat.

Anyway, yesterday I had another teaching practice, this time observed. After each teaching practice, we fill out a self-reflection form and our tutor (this past week it was Nick, next week it is Richard), who has been taking notes the whole time, gives us a page of written feedback. I definitely did better this TP than my first one, and Nick agreed. We’re given a grade on our TPs: Above standard, to standard, below standard. My first TP was to standard, as was the one yesterday, but Nick said I did a very strong job, showed lots of improvement, and if I had done maybe one or two things a little differently, I would have received an above standard. Not bad for my third time teaching a class!

This morning I did laundry. Now, we have a semi-automatic laundry machine, which means you have to fill and drain the machine yourself. It actually is very efficient, if slightly odd for someone who has only dealt with automatic washers. We’ve no dryer (most people in developing countries don’t – why spend money on a dryer when the sun does it for free?), but the washer has two tubs, one for wash and rinse, and one for a spin cycle. The spin cycle does get them relatively dry, or at least gets rid of the sopping wetness. So a success with my laundry! I’m proud of myself.

In a little bit, I’m heading out to meet with Kate, a friend of mine who was at AUC when I was, during spring 2011, was evacuated (although she goes to Georgetown, so she had a chartered flight to Qatar) and ended up in Morocco with me. She’s back to study at AUC for the year, and we along with some of her friends are going to the Citadel, an old (as in built around the time of the Crusades. Old is old here. Different from America!) fortress on a hill that looks out above the city.

However, I thought I would share some photos of my apartment with you! Be prepared, life in not-America is different!

(Use the controls in the slideshow to pause/go forward/go back for pictures)

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