I Have Taught!

But did they learn anything? Errrmmm…

First, I am feeling much better today. While still not back at 100%, today was the first day since a crocodile from the Nile crawled into my stomach that I haven’t felt like there’s one in there.

Second, today was my first teaching practice! Teaching practice is the within-the-CELTA-course teaching experience. I taught 40 minutes of elementary English to a class of refugees from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea. My tutor sat in the back, judging I mean taking notes.

It went alright, really. These are beginner learners, so their English vocabulary is pretty small. Which means when you give instructions, you need to keep them simple in syntax (Put these pictures in order vs I would like you to take these pictures and put them in order) and in word choice (write some notes vs jot some notes down). It’s called grading your language.

And it’s my main issue. I realized it as I was doing it, and was told later that I was doing it when I had my feedback session. I also speak a little too quickly, but man, that is just an issue in life for me. Working on it, promise.

But the students and I got along well, which is great. I know they all must have some pretty hard stories – they aren’t refugees for the fun of it. But they’re here to learn, they’re excited about it – and I’m excited they’re excited.

I teach tomorrow as well, and the day after that. Hopefully I just get  better and better!


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