From Home to Home to Home, I’m Home.

We’ve finally made it to Longmeadow, Massachusetts, my parents’ new home! We got here on Saturday afternoon after a seemingly endless drive across the country.

The United States? The United States is VERY large. I could drive from Cairo to Casablanca and it would still be less that driving from Fresno, CA to Longmeadow, MA. I’ve no desire to do this drive again!

Thankfully, in just a bit over a week I will be in Egypt once again, and I will not have to be making any multi-day drives anywhere, inshallah. 

This new house for my parents, which is just a rental until they find a town/neighborhood/house they love and want to buy, is very small. My parents’ king size bed cannot even fit up the staircase to their room, so they are sleeping on my queen size mattress. Just the mattress, not even the box spring, because that can’t even get up the stairs. All that means I’m sleeping on an air mattress for the next week. 

Yesterday I went into Boston and hung out with two of my closest friends, Deepika and Arthur who had come up for Labor Day weekend. It was fantastic getting to see them – since I figured I would not see them for another year or two. It is so weird to think about, knowing I won’t see them face-to-face for such a long period of time. I am incredibly lucky to live in this digital age, where I can be in contact with my friends and family all the time.

Tomorrow I head to Long Island to go see another of my close friends, Sydney. She is, in a few short months, going to be doing the same thing as me almost: heading to Colombia to take the CELTA course then teach English and make connections. Her, my friend Alex in Argentina, and I are all on somewhat similar paths…and we’re all left-handed. No wonder we’re friends. 

Moving so much has really ingrained in me that
home is a mental concept. It is where my family and friends are, wherever that may be, for however
long I get to be with them. Home doesn’t have to be one place, but can be many places at once. It is where you lay your heart down at night, not where you lay your head. 

So starting very soon, although it really has already started, my heart will lay down in places around the globe each night. 


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  1. portenalex

    Yes lefthandedness is the tie that binds our friendship 😉

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